ProfileRat.com is an Instagram Influencers Directory and Statistics tool.

Profile Rat is an online social tracking tool that gives you the ability to track unlimited Instagram Accounts and generating professional audits, including day by day tracking, engagement rates, top posts, top hashtags and top mentions and many more. 

Our Influencers Directory contains more than 100.000 Instagram Influencer profiles with the following of 10.000 or more. All the available Instagram influencers at least once in their lifetime posted a sponsored post. That means they are ready to engage with your campaign as well.


  • Detailed day by day statistics - all the key statistics which help brands & businesses make a decision;
  • Future projections on account's followers, likes;
  • Account comparison - convenient way to compare which influencer to hire for the campaign;
  • Accounts Directory - browse through and filter out Instagram accounts according to your criteria.


Enter an Instagram profile and instantly get statistics on most used hashtags, most popular posts, average likes, average comments count, engagement rate and uploads count. Analyze average engagement rate, top mentions, and future projections of the Instagram account.

Do you need to find an Instagram Influencer for your campaign? Browse our Influencers Directory and filter candidates by followers count or engagement rate. Order influencers by uploads count, followers count, following count or engagement rate. You can also compare 2 different Instagram profiles and decide which one suits you better.

Join ProfileRat.com and take advantage of our Instagram Influencers Directory and Statistics.